Martin F. McMahon & Associates PLLC
Transnational Business Attorneys Group
Commercial Litigation & Business Transactions
In an effort to provide our clients with comprehensive legal services, we divided our commercial practice between commercial litigation and commercial transactions. On the litigation side, our Washington, D.C. based team has successfully brought civil actions against real estate brokers, banks, insurance companies, and other various commercial entities for negligence, fraud, and illegal business activities.

On the transactional side, we pride ourselves on being able to negotiate, draft, realize agreements, and provide opinion letters on behalf of our clients. Whether you wish to incorporate a new business, acquire an existing business, or enter into a joint venture, we will help you identify and explore the intricacies of potential markets. Our due diligence will protect your investment and intellectual property rights. This integrated package of services is designed to eliminate the uncertainty associated with an investment, create a strong legal and financial foundation from which the business is run, and allow the businessperson to concentrate on realizing profit.

The same advantages of retaining Martin F. McMahon & Associates for the creation of a new business apply to established corporations seeking to expand operations. A company establishing a franchise or branch office in a new market with the help of our firm will benefit from our knowledgeable affiliates and our association of satisfied clients.